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Asesoría Matarraña
Cl. Zaragoza, 29
50710 Maella (Zaragoza)

Telf. 976 638051
Fax 976 638392
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Tax Consultancy

  • Tax planning for the company, involving the study of their needs and fiscal implications and tax consequences in order to rationalize tax charges within the framework of tax legislation.
  • Preparation and presentation of tax returns:
  • Income Tax Return and Wealth tax
    Payment in instalments: direct estimation and objective estimation (modules)
    Value Added Tax (VAT): annual summary and quarterly liquidation
    Corporate Tax
  • Preparation and presentation of specials taxes:
  • Inheritance Tax
    Property transfer Tax
  • Inscriptions of documentation in Registry of Property.
  • Instalments and deferment payments.
  • Assistance in tax inspections.
  • Appeals and claims.

Labour Consultancy

  • Companies´ set-up.
  • Communication of any variation, register and unsubscribing of their employees in the Spanish Social Security.
  • Contracts of employment, payroll and liquidations of Social Security.
  • Work inspection: we prepare all documentation required.
  • Subventions and Subsidies.
  • Processing of disability, retirement,...
  • Formalities related to self-employed (increment of bases, direct debit of quotas, etc).
  • Work risk planification and prevention.

Accounting and Management of Companies
  • Accounting services in general: Daily books, Inventory books, Balance Sheets, VAT,...
  • Analytical accounting.
  • Preparation of company economic and financial reports.Company appraisals.
  • Corporate and private accounting guidance in the direct estimation.

Mercantile Consultancy
  • Constitution of societies and related proceeding.
  • Social Statutes.
  • Register of documents and notary deeds in the Property Registry.
  • Making and deposit of Annual Accounts in the Mercantile Registry.
  • Countable book legalization.

Administration and Management
  • Advise and management of subsidies.
  • Establishments License´s Opening. Local tributation.
  • Companies´ set up.
  • Hunting and Fishing licenses.
  • Procedures relating to drivers and vehicles:
    • Registration
    • Transfers
    • Transport licenses
  • Leasing.

Real Estate Service
  • Trading of rural and urban properties.
  • Real Estate purchase contract.

Insurance Agency
  • All kind of insurances:
    • Accident
    • Life
    • Property
    • Bussines
    • Vehicles
    • Civil Responsability
    • Accidentes de Convenio
    • Others...
  • Disaster management.
  • Compensation payments.

  • All kind of trips. Collaboration with Viajes Halcón.